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Good Tech Fest

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Start time 2023-05-02 10:00
Finished Time 2023-05-04 17:00
Address The Line Hotel, Washington DC, USA

Good Tech Fest is a series of virtual and in-person gatherings happening every year around the world. The event brings together a community of data nerds, technologists, product leaders, philanthropists and more to learn from one another, build capacities for using technology for impact, and wrestle with the challenges and limitations of technology in the social sector.

Originally launched as the Do Good Data conference in 2011, the event was re-branded as Good Tech in 2018 to create a more inclusive environment for technologists and product leaders who are critical in creating applications and uses of impact data.

Attendees have a wide range of roles from executive directors, product managers, analysts and data scientists, to program officers, consultants, and researchers. Most attendees work for nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, or technology or service providers working with those customers.

More information about the event, including registration, can be accessed here:

Good Tech Fest Washington, DC