Who We Are

First Web Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in South Africa and legally registered under Nonprofit Act, 1997, of South Africa. Reg. Number 234-604 NPO.

We seek to support and promote digital initiatives, particularly web and mobile, in order to increase the work and impact of non-profit organizations in both rural and urban communities in Africa, particularly in sub-Sahara Africa.

We do this in order to address a myriad challenges faced by the nonprofit sector in the region.

The organisation is also currently involved in non-cash grant making – for example, donating free domains, free hosting, free website development and technical support, etc. – to help small nonprofits that are either making big impact in their communities or those with promising potential to do so.

We are guided by the following mission and visions statements, objectives and activities:

Mission statement

The First Web Foundation shall strive to contribute towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals by supporting the nonprofit sector in Africa, particularly in Sub-Sahara Africa, in providing tailored information, news, tips, technical support, and resources related to web and mobile technology, online and mobile fundraising, online communications and social media.

Vision statement

To become the leading resource of online technology for nonprofit professionals or workers in Africa, particularly in Sub-Sahara Africa.


  1. To promote the increase of digital literacy among small, medium-sized and established non-profit organizations as a strategy for contributing towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  2. To build the technical capacities of non-profit organizations – through for example, tailor-made training programs, workshops, seminars, online courses, online resources, etc. – on effectively using social media tools to promote their life-changing causes;
  3. To initiate research into aspects of online technology for nonprofit professionals or workers in Africa;
  4. To form collaborative partnerships globally with like-minded foundations, learning institutions, and develop a sharing program that would advance the digital literacy agenda;
  5. To use information technology for greater interaction among children and youth in a safe environment, and to be an activity area for them where they can learn, participate in recreational activities and form friendships with others;
  6. To make awards for any achievement in any field relevant to the aims and objectives of the Foundation.

Strategic Activities

To achieve our mission, vision, and objectives, the First Web Foundation seeks to implement, or where applicable coordinate, the following list of activities and/or projects:

  1. Provide free or subsidized hosting packages of websites to selected qualifying small non-profit organizations who either are making big impact on the ground or those with promising potential to make big impact in their communities.
  2. Provide offline and online training, tools and resources to marginalized non-profit organizations on effective online fundraising.
  3. Provide offline and online training/courses, tools and resources to marginalized non-profit organizations on running effective online campaigns or causes, including social media campaigns.
  4. Develop an e-directory for nonprofit organizations doing life-changing work or those with promising potential to do so in their communities, as a strategy to market their work to potential funders, partners, researchers and volunteers.
  5. Develop and manage a web-based crowdfunding platform(s) for non-profit organisations with promising potential to make big impact in their communities.
  6. Provide training and other technical support to marginalized specific interest groups (e.g. persons with disabilities, sex workers, LGBTIs, refugees, etc.) on using the internet and mobile-based technologies to effectively advance their respective causes and/or agendas.