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The Nonprofit Act of 1997 of South Africa governs the legal registration of The First Web Foundation as a non-profit organization with a South African base. Our registration number is 234-604-NPO.

Our ambitious target is to help 10,000 small community-based and under-resourced nonprofit organizations in Africa, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, by 2030. With 10,000 small community-based and under-resourced African nonprofit organizations, our donation goal is to raise 1 million dollars by that year through our partner donation platform, Donorbox, which supports nonprofit organizations globally like ours in our efforts to make a difference.

We are targeting small nonprofits that are making an impact in their communities—or have the potential to do so—with free websites, social media management, and other related digital technology solutions, both web-based and mobile-based. We use non-cash grantmaking to reach out to and support these small nonprofits.

We seek to support and promote digital initiatives, particularly web and mobile, to increase their work and impact in rural and urban African communities. We do this to address the myriad challenges faced by the nonprofit sector in the region.

The following mission and vision statements, goals, and activities serve as our guide:

Mission statement

The First Web Foundation shall strive to contribute towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals by supporting the nonprofit sector in Africa, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, in providing tailored information, news, tips, technical support, and resources related to web and mobile technology, online and mobile fundraising, online communications, and social media.

Vision statement

To become the leading online technology resource for nonprofit professionals or workers in Africa, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Donate?

In reality, your ostensibly “small” contribution may be significant enough to gradually advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How do I donate?

The Donorbox platform, which is distinctive and offers us the necessary tools and resources, makes our fundraising efforts possible.

If you feel inspired to contribute, kindly visit our donation page powered by Donorbox. You can choose specific uses for each donation amount you want to support.

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