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The First Web Foundation provides remote employment and/or volunteer work. This policy acts as a reference to ensure that all of our workers are aware of the requirements for working remotely and that they feel supported at all times. We welcome any questions or comments as we continue to improve our policy based on their feedback.

At First Web, we want to make sure you have all the resources and assistance you need to execute your job effectively from wherever you may be because we trust you to do it well. We respect the time that our colleagues spend in-office and together, but we also think that great work can be done remotely.

Normally, we will decide if a position is remote, hybrid, or in-office right at the beginning of the hiring process. However, for most volunteer positions, we prefer to work with remote volunteers virtually. Having said that, we recognise that circumstances can change, and we encourage any employee to talk to their manager or human resources about their needs and schedule. We give the final say on whether a person and/or a role can effectively function and carry out critical tasks remotely to each department manager.

Any position may seek the option of working primarily from home, primarily in the office, or primarily on a hybrid schedule. Simply schedule a meeting with your direct manager to go over these alternatives in more detail. Please be aware that each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will depend on your current performance, the team’s needs, and business needs.

Even if you already work in a full-time remote position, please talk to your manager and/or HR if you are interested in moving or want to move to a different state.

You can use the same procedure if your existing circumstance calls for you to work remotely or from home occasionally.  


Regarding Full-Time Remote Workers
All full-time employees are required to work 40 hours per week and show up in person for any compulsory quarterly or annual meetings, regardless of whether the position is remote or in-office. To make sure they are paid fairly, hourly, non-exempt workers must still keep an accurate record of all the hours they put in and give it to their managers.

Remote Volunteers
There are no strict rules governing the number of hours a remote volunteer is expected to work. The First Web recognizes its commitment to contribute to helping the organisation to fulfil its mission and vision, hence any amount of hours committed is committed.

However, for purposes of effective coordination and accountability, we still expect that all volunteers should declare at the beginning of the engagement how many hours per week they are willing to work, and if possible, which days of the week they will be available.


Slack, email, Zoom, phone calls, and numerous other communication channels are available to you to all online employees and volunteers.

Your team and manager will likely have their own expectations for communication and response times; be sure you know what those are. If those expectations seem unreasonable, please discuss them with HR in the case of employees or your contact person in the case of volunteers.

It is the responsibility of the employee or volunteer to designate a remote workspace, which is typically a space in your home (an office, spare bedroom, etc.). We encourage that the designated workspace must be kept in a safe condition, free from hazards to both the employee and the equipment.

If they sustain any injuries in their designated workspace and in conjunction with your regular work duties, notify your manager of such injuries as soon as possible. First Web is not responsible for any injuries to the employee or any third parties outside of the designated workspace or during the employee’s non-working time.

If, while working from a designated workspace, the employee experiences technical issues with his or her computer or internet access that prevent the employee from working remotely, the employee should notify his or her manager right away to ensure coverage of the work and to get support for the issue.

You’re expected to make appropriate childcare arrangements during your work hours. We understand that exceptions happen and family issues come up, so please talk to your manager or HR if there are any extenuating or temporary circumstances that you need assistance with! We’re always here to help.

The performance expectations for a remote employee are no different than for an in-office employee. Likewise, those of volunteers are no different than for in-office volunteers.


All remote employees must utilize company laptops to perform their work. We will provide you with a laptop, which will also contain the necessary software and programs. Any other necessary equipment is available for loan upon request (additional monitors, keyboards, etc.).

However, we expect volunteers to utilise their own equipment (laptops and internet), except in exceptional circumstances where such resources have been mobilised or secured to specifically support volunteer work.

You are responsible for keeping documents, sensitive business data, and other work-related materials confidential and secure in your home office location. As always, comply with the guidelines for the proper use of information technology (which can be found in our Employee and Volunteer Handbooks, respectively).

All of Our Company’s rules and policies, including those set in our Employee and Volunteer Handbooks, apply while working remotely. These policies include but are not limited to, policies regarding attendance, confidentiality, and policies prohibiting harassment. Employees are reminded that this remote/work-from-home policy is not to be used in place of sick leave, etc. All of our guidelines for employee benefits and compensation remain the same.


Both the organisation and the employee/volunteer have the right to terminate the remote work agreement at any time – by written or verbal notice. Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may be cause for disciplinary action and/or termination of your agreement.