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We have a duly registered Board of Trustees at the top-most hierarchy of the organization consisting of experienced individuals of high integrity in society who not only subscribe to but also defend, protect and promote the mission and values of the Foundation.

The team at the Secretariat, consisting of mostly highly motivated volunteers, are charged with the responsibility of running day-to-day activities.

At the policy level, the Board of Trustees exercises oversight powers over the Secretariat with regard to financial management and general administrative matters and all other matters of fundamental importance. Their mandate includes developing and overseeing adherence to the institutional Constitution that guides the operations of the organisation.

From 2020, the Board has guided the Secretariat team and other strategic stakeholders in further elaborating the mission, vision, objectives, and most importantly our institutional strategy that has been integrated into our Strategic Plan Document.

It has been a consultative process that has brought together the Board and other key stakeholders to brainstorm and review the goals, objectives, mission statement, vision statement, activities, etc. into a well-articulated strategy document as well as the five-year plan of action from 2020.

The Strategic Plan also touches on staffing issues of the organisation (secretariat), sustainability issues, monitoring and evaluation issues, resource mobilization, and our volunteer strategy, just to mention a few.