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Banner for resource submission
Banner for resource submission

We have created a section as part of this website that seeks to document resources such as tutorials, tips, guides, etc. that under-resourced community-based organizations can leverage in order to promote their respective work.

This is a free learning centre for these organizations. By empowering these organizations with such tools, you will, in fact, contribute towards impacting marginalized communities out there.

Please note that this section is not meant to market your products for sale. We encourage as much as possible to share a useful resource(s) related to digital tools that change/improve the way small organizations work without spending an arm and leg.  For this reason, we will first review whatever resource(s) you would like to share on share for purposes of quality-checking as well as ensuring that resources are not entirely for marketing.

The resources must be geared at promoting and sustaining digital literacy and the use of information technology for greater interaction among women, children/youth, and the elderly, especially in Africa, as we seek to recognize and showcase similar work done by other stakeholders.

Share your resource so that we can document and promote it on our website and other communication platforms.

Please email the resource to resources@firstwebfoundation.org 

We, however, advise that you first read our terms and conditions page for matters related to copyright and/or intellectual property disclaimers.