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Networking and partnership-building are one of the First Web’s hallmarks in achieving the goals and objectives of the Foundation. We seek to partner with various stakeholders that do work similar or interrelated with the work that we do, in order to achieve our common goals and objectives.

There can never be meaningful development without meaningful information and skills exchange mechanisms. Our involvement in regional and local networks shall add value to many of the Foundation’s activities and shall be essential in linking global knowledge to local sector nonprofit agendas in the digital environment.

This is why First Web Foundation seeks to facilitate workshops, seminars and training for and/or with its partners and bring various stakeholders together to share experiences on issues affecting online digital literacy for the nonprofit sector.

Currently, we have already partnered with very respected organizations like, TechSoup South Africa, Google for Nonprofits, and Microsoft for Nonprofits.

In 2023, we look forward to partnering with more such organizations locally (in South Africa) and globally so that together we can continue to live and cherish our dream of contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

If you believe that you or your organization/initiative has what it takes to partner with us and collaboratively work towards achieving our common goals and objectives, please do not hesitate to write us to express your interest to join us. Please write through our email partner@firstwebfoundation.org or call us at +27 (0) 61 407 5200.

You can also view our Causes to appreciate the most current work that we do and connect with us on our social media – on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages – so that we can interact and exchange more ideas on how best we can work together.