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Help First Web Amplify Non-Profits’ Impact Through The Matching Programme

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Donation Goal

Help the First Web Foundation fulfil its goal of amplifying and supporting the work of small and medium-sized under-resourced nonprofit organisations (NGOs) in Africa (mainly in the sub-Sahara).

With as little as $10 (a pack of pizza), you can help us raise a total of US$30,000 that will enable First Web to provide these under-resourced community-based nonprofits with support towards the costs of website domains, website hosting, and development, among other things.


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The meteoric rise of the social media frenzy and other digital technologies offers unprecedented opportunities for small African nonprofits to multiply their impact in their communities. It is much easier today to reach communities, duty-bearers, and other strategic stakeholders with a fraction of the resources that would have been required in the past, creating an opportunity to maximise or channel the savings to other pressing community needs.

Yet most small nonprofits do not have the basic capacity and technical know-how to leverage these groundbreaking technologies.

In some instances, there is strong evidence of the phenomenal impact small nonprofits are making in their respective countries, even though they face significant financial challenges to be able to learn and constantly keep pace with technology changes. There is still more potential to impact communities even more with the right application of these technologies, but this can only be possible if they can receive support from those for whom they have the capacity and experience.

While the First Web Foundation can donate hosting space and domains to 1000 organizations, the organization does not, at present, have the human resource capacity to enable the development of the sites and the mentoring of the representatives of the beneficiary organizations on how to sustainably maintain their sites on their own or who can effectively manage the social media platforms.

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Therefore, in this context, we have developed a matching program that seeks to identify either a volunteer or pro bono WordPress developer or designer from any part of the world who can be paired with any qualifying non-profit or NGO in Africa selected under this program. For only five (5) hours per week (that’s just one hour per day on average), a volunteer or pro bono WordPress developer or designer interested in contributing their time and skills may be requested to be matched with one (or even two if they like) selected non-profits or NGOs.

We help these under-resourced community-based nonprofits with technical support, tailored information, news, tips, and resources related to the internet and mobile technology; online and mobile fundraising; online communications and social media; non-cash grants for website domains, hosting, and development; and tailored training on web maintenance using WordPress, as well as general digital literacy to ensure sustainability. In so doing, the First Web Foundation strives to contribute towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Long-Term Impact

We do this by leveraging the new web-based and mobile technologies, helping these under-resourced organizations connect with potential donors, sponsors, supporters, well-wishers, and many other stakeholders who may be interested in supporting their missions and doubling their impact in the communities.

Consequently, the livelihoods of the community members will be significantly impacted in the long term.

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