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Support the Upgrading of a Rural School Library in Malawi

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Donation Goal

The First Web Foundation has partnered with the Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC) in Malawi to raise funds to upgrade a rural school library. 

The goal is to transform it into a digitally modernised and accessible library. This project will renovate the library, which was built in 2012. 

By contributing as little as $10 (equivalent to a pizza pack), you can help us raise $40,000 to enable First Web to equip the Chimvite Library with internet, solar power system installation, and other digital products.


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The Chimvite Library and Teachers’ Office Block Project was initiated in December of the same year to address the many challenges faced by Chimvite Primary School. The school desperately needed more office space for teachers and a library where students could borrow reading materials. The library was critically under-resourced and insecure, which made it difficult for students to access the books they needed to improve their learning. 

CRIDOC, a community organization, mobilized and assisted the community in constructing the library. Despite completing the project, the library remains critically under-resourced and insecure. The high drop-out rates and increased child labour in the area make it even more critical for students to have the opportunity to learn using the latest technology.

Despite the official library opening by the wife of American former Senator Michael Bradley Enzi (May His Soul Rest in Peace), Diana, over 1000 students at Chimvite Primary School still require access to appropriate reading materials. The library needs modernizing with foldable chairs and tables, computers, library software, the Internet, and a solar energy system to combat child labour and improve attendance, completion, and retention rates in the area. 

The library will be a crucial resource for students at Chimvite. It will provide them with the necessary learning materials to help them succeed in school and beyond. Additionally, the modernization of the library will make it a more comfortable and welcoming space for students to learn. The new technology will also prepare them for the digital world and its demands. 

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This project will benefit not only the students of Chimvite Primary School but also the broader community by enticing child labourers to leave forms and enrol in school (indirectly fighting child labour) and improving education outcomes.


To optimise the use of the library, our solution is to enable students to make the most of its digital resources. Given that the size of the school population is larger than the library’s capacity, the modernised library will be installed with a library information system and software that will assist students in borrowing hard-copy materials in an organised and efficient manner.

This system will be created to keep track of all the materials borrowed, avoiding any confusion or lost items. Furthermore, installing the internet and solar system will allow students to access e-learning resources.

By incorporating the latest technology into the library, students can access digital products that cater to their specific needs, including accessibility features for students with disabilities. The combination of these improvements will inspire more children from rural areas to attend school and reduce the incidence of child labour. With the proper tools and resources, students can access the information they need to succeed in their studies, regardless of their location or background.

Long-Term Impact

Statistical data shows that the primary school net attendance rate in rural areas of Malawi is significantly lower (81%) compared to urban areas (89%). Our project aims to achieve a 95% increase in attendance rate at Chimvete Primary School by leveraging the power of technology to create a fun and engaging learning environment.

Introducing new technology that includes interactive learning resources and tools to increase children’s engagement and encourage their knowledge retention will help achieve this.

In addition to this, our project also seeks to improve the primary school completion rate by 80%, which will be accomplished by providing learners with appropriate and accessible learning materials available 24/7. These materials will be tailored to meet the diverse needs of the learners and will be designed to promote active learning and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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Our project recognises the need to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas in Malawi, and we are committed to creating a learning environment that promotes equal access to education for all children, regardless of their location.

By implementing these initiatives, we can significantly enhance the quality of education and provide children with the tools they need to succeed in life.

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