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Raise More Money For Your Nonprofit – Join GlobalGiving

Raise More Money For Your Nonprofit – Join GlobalGiving

Looking to raise more money for your nonprofit? Look no further than GlobalGiving! As a nonprofit that supports other nonprofits, GlobalGiving connects organizations to donors, companies, and other nonprofits in over 175 countries. With a rigorous vetting process, GlobalGiving ensures that each organization is transparent, accountable, and dedicated to performing charitable work.

When you partner with GlobalGiving, you gain access to professional fundraising pages, community learning opportunities, powerful tools for donor relationships, and extra funding opportunities. Plus, GlobalGiving offers credibility and visibility, tax benefits for donors, disaster support, and help from their dedicated teams, which makes GlobalGiving one of the top online donation platforms for charities worldwide. Join GlobalGiving today and watch your nonprofit flourish!

Why Join GlobalGiving?

Professional, Personalized Fundraising Pages

When you join GlobalGiving, you gain access to professional and personalized fundraising pages that allow you to tell your nonprofit’s story clearly and compellingly. GlobalGiving understands the power of crowdfunding for nonprofits and the importance of creating a solid connection with your donors, which is why their fundraising pages are designed to showcase your organization’s mission and impact. You can also customize the donation process, allowing your donors to give in the most convenient way. With over 10 secure payment methods available, you can ensure that your supporters can donate with ease and confidence.

Community Learning

At GlobalGiving, they believe in the power of learning and collaboration. When you join their platform, you can participate in fundraising workshops, experience virtual partner visits, and network with other nonprofits in their virtual community space. These experiences provide you with valuable insights and knowledge and allow you to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations passionate about making a difference. Additionally, their Learn Library is filled with resources explicitly created to support you in your fundraising efforts.

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Raise More Money For Your Nonprofit - Join GlobalGiving

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Powerful Tools

Nurturing donor relationships is essential for the long-term success of your nonprofit. With GlobalGiving, you have access to powerful tools that help you do just that. You can send custom thank you notes to show your appreciation to your donors, send fundraising appeals to encourage continued support, and share project reports to keep your donors informed about the impact of their contributions. These tools enable you to build strong and lasting connections with your donors, ensuring their continued support for your organization’s mission.

Extra Funding

As a nonprofit, securing additional funding is always a priority. With GlobalGiving, you can post projects and participate in curated fundraising campaigns that can help you attract extra funding. Since 2002, the GlobalGiving network has mobilized over $862 million for good. By leveraging their platform and network, you can tap into this pool of funding and increase your organization’s resources to further your mission.

Raise More Money For Your Nonprofit - Join GlobalGiving

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Credibility + Visibility

Gaining credibility and visibility is crucial for nonprofits looking to expand their reach and attract new donors. You gain access to their established credibility and reputation when you join GlobalGiving. They maintain a four-star Charity Navigator rating, BBB accreditation, and GuideStar Platinum certification. These credentials not only validate your organization’s commitment to transparency and accountability but also help you gain trust and credibility with potential donors. Additionally, partnering with GlobalGiving increases your visibility, allowing you to reach a wider audience and attract new supporters.

Tax Benefits

Appealing to US and UK donors can significantly impact your fundraising efforts. When donors from these countries contribute to your project through GlobalGiving, they can receive tax benefits in their respective countries, even if your organization is not based in those countries. This incentive encourages donors to contribute to your cause, knowing their donation will positively impact them while offering them tax advantages.

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Raise More Money For Your Nonprofit - Join GlobalGiving

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Disaster Support

In times of crisis, providing immediate support to affected communities is essential. GlobalGiving partners with thousands of locally-led organizations to ensure that crisis-affected communities are in the driver’s seat of recovery. By joining GlobalGiving, you become part of a network that provides effective and efficient disaster support. GlobalGiving believes we can collectively improve people’s lives affected by emergencies and natural disasters.

Help When You Need It

At GlobalGiving, they understand the importance of timely and efficient support. Whether you have a question, need assistance, or require guidance, their US, UK, Mexico, Kenya, and China support teams are ready to help you and your donors. They are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring you have the support you need to succeed.

They amplify every donation.

When you join GlobalGiving, you become part of a nonprofit community that amplifies every donation. Their platform is free to join, and they don’t charge application or subscription fees. Instead, they retain a nonprofit support fee ranging from 5% to 12% on donations and a 3% transaction processing fee. These fees enable us to keep their costs low and invest in their marketing efforts, fundraising campaigns, corporate partnerships, and gift cards. For every dollar you contribute through these fees, they can raise an additional $2 for you on average. This amplification of donations expands your fundraising capabilities and allows you to make an even more significant impact.

Low Costs and High Returns

Joining GlobalGiving is a cost-effective solution for nonprofits and offers high returns. With their platform and support, you can maximize your fundraising efforts and reach a global audience without incurring exorbitant costs. They work hard to keep their fees low, ensuring that more of your donations directly support your organization’s mission.

In conclusion, joining GlobalGiving provides you with professional, personalized fundraising pages, opportunities for community learning and collaboration, access to powerful fundraising tools, opportunities for extra funding, increased credibility and visibility, tax benefits for your donors, access to disaster support, timely and efficient help when you need it, and the amplification of every donation. Their platform offers low costs and high returns, allowing you to maximize your fundraising efforts and make a lasting impact. Join GlobalGiving today and take your nonprofit to new heights!

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